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Since 2020, the way we work, and where has changed rapidly due to COVID-19. How ready is your organization for this new world, especially on the subject of global mobility? 


No matter where your employees are, they need to be protected as a part of your employee health and safety strategy. Employers want to meet their Duty of Care objectives now more than ever. 


To meet the demands of this new paradigm, Safeture and Aon have created a tool for your organization to check your travel risk management program and execution based on the standards of ISO 31030.

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Ronny Sæther

Committee Member | Subject Matter Expert | National Representative at ISO - International Organisation for Standardization

If you don’t have a travel risk management program in place, then now is the perfect time to create one with the guidance of the new ISO 31030 standard, and if you have one, you can now benchmark your program against the standard.

A new normal

Employers realize now more than ever that colleagues are the most important asset for their organization. Organizations have faced a paradigm shift that fundamentally changed where we work. Instead of the traditional, day-to-day commute to factories and offices, today your employees will also work from home, at a customer, or perhaps somewhere in-between whilst traveling and being assigned abroad.

Whether your employees go abroad for a short or a long time: your policy, solutions, and services need to be coordinated carefully. Every trip is different and will create different challenges and risks. As an employer, you have a legal Duty of Care to your employees to ensure that they travel, work and live safely and healthily.

Also, if something happens unexpectedly, you want to provide reliable, immediate 24/7 emergency service, wherever someone is in the world. Developed by Safeture and powered by Aon, this tool provides a self-assessment questionnaire for you as a Security Manager, HR representative, or Travel Risk Manager. With this tool, you can see how well your organization complies with the ISO 31030 certification standards.

Safeture makes safety simple by offering a complete employee safety platform. Get notified of incidents near any employee or facility, locate the ones affected and communicate to make sure they are ok. 

The open platform integrates seamlessly with all your existing systems and databases – enabling you to manage risk, safety, and crisis processes from a single platform. Customise the set of features to suit the needs of your unique workforce.

Aon is a leading risk management consulting firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions and with a dedicated practice leading the team with a focus on International People Mobility. 

With 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries, Aon empowers results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance. The drive is to empower economic and human possibility for clients, colleagues, and communities around the world.

Check My Travel Risk Safety Assessment tool is developed by Safeture and powered by Aon

Travel risk management (TRM)

Travel risk management (TRM) is a comprehensive, consistent and proactive approach to protecting your people, organization, and brand from travel risks in order to fulfill your Duty of Care for safe and healthy travel.