About the site

2020 was an impactful year, with a pandemic spreading worldwide, disrupting global mobility and travel. In a post-COVID-19 world, travel risk management is probably more important than ever. The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has released its ISO for Travel Risk Management (ISO 31030:2021) in September 2021. This standard is beneficial to determine many of the aspects that the world needs to get back to normal. Because right now, it is more important than ever to reduce perceived travel risks for organizations and employees who wish to travel again while feeling safe and knowing there are processes to provide support if necessary.

This site guides organizations on how to manage their employees’ risks due to undertaking travel on behalf of the organization they represent. It can be used by any organization, irrespective of origin, industry, or size.

ISO 31030:2021 is the new ‘Travel Risk Management’ Standard. The framework for this standard recognizes that different companies operate under various constraints. The standard introduces a system of widely accepted good-practice disciplines into the travel risk management function. The standard complements the international standard (ISO 31000) for risk management guidance used around the world and provides a flexible framework that fits the needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

The new standard is not a certifiable standard with fixed requirements that can be audited. Still, instead, it serves to evaluate what processes an organization should have in place to live up to international standards.

This newly approved project intends to guide managing the risk associated with travel faced by organizations. The application of these guidelines can be customized to any organization and its context. It recognizes the terminology, principles, process, and framework outlined in ISO 31030:2021

The technology company, Safeture (www.safeture.com) and the insurance company Aon (www.aon.com) have joined forces to help promote this new ISO standard. This site is a free and open resource for any organization to use as a part of their work for travel risk management. It primarily targets travel managers, risk managers, compliance officers, security managers, and HR managers. Stay safe and travel safely.

Stay safe and travel safely.